Working together in a distributed company is difficult...

Information gets lost across tools

With dozens of tools, it's difficult to know where things live inside the company.

Many meetings are inefficient

Valuable time of employees is wasted with meetings that shouldn't be meetings.

Individuals are not in sync

Especially in a remote environment, staying in sync is extremely challenging and all-hands meetings are not the best answer.

...that’s why we created a better way to work in distributed companies...

TeamTap Is Your Company’s New Internal Microblog

It’s where information lives that simply does not fit into Slack, Asana, Github or Notion. Perfect for establishing a writing culture and public discussion inside your company to keep everyone in sync on what is happening.

Integrates seamlessly with:

That's How it Works

1) Employees share information

This could be daily stand-ups, insights from customer calls, or ideas for the company.

2) Informations is permanent & structured

Each posts lives in TeamTap forever and is structured using tags.

3) Everyone receive the information they care about

Through personal digests, information is automatically distributed to the right people without creating unnecessary noise.

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What You Can Do With TeamTap

🌅 Asynchronous Stand-ups

Instead of wasting 15 minutes of everyone every day, you can do stand-ups asynchronously to save time.

💡 Customer Insight Sharing

Share what your sales team is learning from every call with the rest of the company.

📝 Meeting Notes

Ensure decisions & takeaways from meetings are captured permanently accessible for everyone.

⚛️ Weekly Retros

Encourage active reflection within your company and make space and visibility for the bigger picture.

🗣 Public Discussions

Move discussions from private meetings to public written form so everyone can benefit and learn simultaneously.

🗞 Announcements

Give visibility to important announcements so everyone stays on the same page.

Ready To Fix Chaotic Collaboration in Your Company?

We would love to show how we and other customers are using TeamTap to succeed as a distributed team and become more effective.

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